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Do you have a blocked kitchen sink? 

One of most common drainage problems we get calls for are for blocked sinks.  

Usually the signs are foul smells coming from the plughole, slow drainage and dirty water back flowing into the sink when there is no plug.

A blocked sink can be caused by grease or fats near the sink or down the plughole. Most people find food stuck in the U-bend or paper or old kitchen tissues. 

If you're unsure, or you just need some advice, our engineers are always happy to come and take a look.

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Here are some quick pointers to help you or if you need some advise and want to speak to a professional, just call.

Here a few methods you can try yourself

1. Use a Plunger

The first thing to try to unblock any sink should be to use a traditional plunger. A plunger will force air through the sink pipe to dislodge any sink blockage.  If you don't have a plunger you can use a 2ltr pop bottle, fill it with water and tip to plughole and force the water down the plughole to dislodge any build up.  

2. Dissolve Soda Crystals  

Using a pouring jug, dissolve half a packet of soda crystals in boiling water.  Pour the dissolved soda crystals solution down the plughole. This should  help remove fats, oils and grease that have built up in the drain.

3.Removing the U-bend under the sink

Once you have removed the U-bend pipe check for any old foodstuff and blockages and clean it out thoroughly. You can use an old  wire hanger, screwdriver, pencil - anything that is strong enough to remove the debris before you screw back on. This should be pretty easy for you to do but can be messy.  Some clients have told me that they have never attempted this before and when they have tried they have been unable to unscrew the pipe.


Of course you can always call us and we would be more than happy to help to give the drainage system a full flush.  

If any case, do feel free to call us to speak to our professional drainage engineers. We are more than happy to help.  

So if you have a blocked sink or require a drainage service, we can be sure to help you. Whether it is the blocked soil pipe or blocked sink pipe we can use our high pressure jetting solutions to clear the blocked sink pipe and clear the blocked sink.

We can diagnose quickly whether you have a drain and can undertake the best way to unblock the sink in the most cost efficient way.  We have all the latest equipment including CCTV cameras, we can put down the sewer pipe to investigate any blockages quickly.  


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Remember there is NO CALL OUT FEE

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  • Most small jobs completed within the hour.
  • We only use state-of-the-art high pressured jetting machines to unblock household drains
  • We only charge you for the exact time we spend on-site after first hour.
  • We are be able to give you an estimated arrival time there and then.**

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