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Blocked Toilet

No call out fee - we can unblock your toilet drain we are an unblocking company that you can rely on call on 01525 634070


FreeFlow Drainage MK -Do you have a blocked toilet? 

In many cases blocked drains can cause sewage and waste water to back up and sometimes overflow.  When your toilet won't flush, you shouldn't leave it unfixed for too long. 

Whatever the cause of the problem, we advise that you speak to someone who knows how to fix a toilet flush.

If you're unsure, or you just need some advice, our engineers are always happy to come and take a look.

Call 01525 634 070 or 07928 652 013

Here are some quick pointers to help you or if you need some advise and want to speak to a professional, just call.

1. Try to push the button or turn the handle.
If there's nothing happening when you turn the handle or the press the button, it is likely that this is the reason the toilet won't flush.  We can fix that, just call to schedule an appointment and we will do a quick check of the toilet system while we are there!

2. Take off the lid of the toilet if you can.  
If the handle or button if turning or functioning, it would help if you can open the top of the lid to access your cistern if you can and check for an obvious damage. If you can't open it, don't worry we can do that for you!

3. Check if there is water inside.   
If the parts look like they are working and there is no water, the supply may not be connected.

If any case, do feel free to call us to speak to our professional drainage engineers. We are more than happy to help.  

So if you have a blocked toilet and are looking for a toilet drain and drainage service, we can be sure to help you. Whether it is the blocked soil pipe or blocked toilet pipe we can use our high pressure jetting solutions to clear the blocked toilet pipe and clear the blocked toilet.

We can diagnose quickly whether you have a blocked toilet drain and undertake the best way to unblock a toilet in a the most cost efficient way.  We have all the latest equipment including CCTV cameras, we can put down the sewer pipe to investigate any blockages quickly.  

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£55.00 + (vat) Per Hour



within 20 miles of Leighton Buzzard  


Remember there is NO CALL OUT FEE

  • Runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a flat rate of £55.00 + (VAT) PER HOUR
  • Most small jobs completed within the hour.
  • We only use state-of-the-art high pressured jetting machines to unblock household drains
  • We only charge you for the exact time we spend on-site after first hour.
  • We are be able to give you an estimated arrival time there and then.**

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